"..... in order to develop normally, a child requires progressively more complex joint activity with one or more adults who have an irrational emotional relationship with the child. Somebody’s got to be crazy about that kid. Thats number one. First, last and always." Urie Bronfenbrenner.

The Dalwood Spilstead Service components include:​

1) Family Services:​

   a. Case management and family support.​

   b. Parenting education programs.​

   c. Dads At Dalwood (D@ds) fathers program.​

   d. Volunteer Home Support Program.​

2) Child Development Services:​

   a. Home-based early childhood education.​

   b. Early Intervention Therapeutic preschool program.​

   c. Infant supported playgroups.​

   d. Outreach to mainstream preschools and schools.​

   e. Therapy services.​

3) Parent / child interaction interventions.​

   a. Parent / child groups.​

   b. Individual parent / child attachment programs.​

The Spilstead Parents In Action Group and Aboriginal Parent Advisory Group assist in guiding service planning, co-ordinate parent leisure activities and provide parent peer support.​


Case Management and Family Support.​

Services for both parents and children are co-ordinated by an integrated multi-disciplinary team.​ 


C​ounselling and Par​enting Programs.

A family counsellor supports each family in identifying and reaching their parenting goals. Family counsellors provide individual parent or family counselling as well as regular parent support and parent education group programs. Services may be centre-based or provided in the home. Counselling services focus on parenting issues such as parent/child interaction, child behaviour, family relationships and linking families with other community organisations or groups.​​​​

Dads At Dalwood Program. ​

The Dads at Dalwood D@Ds program is designed to maximise engagement and participation for fathers. A male family counsellor provides dedicated support for dads by ensuring father friendly access, a dads e-mail group, individual counselling for dads, dads playgroups, evening discussion groups, activity afternoons for children and dads.​

Volunteer Home Support Service​

A team of trained and professionally supervised volunteers provide home visiting services for families in greatest need. Volunteers visit two hours per week, provide personal support and assist families with a range of home or parenting tasks.​

​​​​​The Volunteer ​​​​Home Support Program is funded by the Dalwood Dog Show.​



Infant Home-based Program.​

Children under 2 years who have developmental needs are offered early education services in the home. Services include weekly or fortnightly play sessions with parent participation and a weekly infant supported playgroup.

Therapeutic Preschool Program

Children over 12 months of age may be enrolled 2 days per week in an intensive early intervention preschool program. The program is based on a relationship model to promote emotional and social development via positive attachment with the teacher. Educational programs are individualised and developmental progress regularly monitored.​



Outreach Program

Children who attend mainstream centres or have commenced school are offered regular consultation and developmental support via school or centre visits. Services include assistance with classroom programming, Speech Pathology, remedial tuition and behavioural support strategies.​

Therapy Services

 Children who demonstarte delays in their development are provided with specialist therapy intervention including Speech Pathology, Occupatonal Therapy, Art Therapy and Clinical Psychology. Therapy services are funded by the Dalwood Spilstead ​​Child's Play Project

Parent / Child Interaction Interventions

 Trained saff are available to work intensively with families to promote attachment and positive parent/child relationship via evidence-based individual programs. Parent / child interaction group programs involving a parent information session followed by a parent/child play session are also provided.