A Unique Service Helping Families with Young Children

When families are in distress it is extremely helpful to have services for both parents and children provided in the one place by the one team! 



95% of brain development occurs in the first 5 years! Children from vulnerable and stressed families are at risk of attention, language, learning and behavioural problems.These children can later experience school failure, social difficulties and ant-social behaviour.

Research has clearly shown, however, that if families are supported and children receive intensive early intervention services these problems can be alleviated. The Dalwood Spilstead Service provides a unique program which is internationally renowned for its work in assisting these children and their families.​

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Award winner

The innovative "Spilstead Model of Early Intervention for Children At Risk" received the NSW Health Award in Primary and Community Care for 2011.

Community Support
In the tradition of the historic Dalwood Children's Home, the Dalwood Spilstead Service owes its ongoing success to the extended "familiy" of community benefactors and supporters who so generously contribute both their time and finances to help small children in need. We thank them.

Links to some of our benefactors​

The Dalwood Auxiliary: www.dalwood.com.au

The Dalwood Dog Show Committee: www.dalwooddogshow.com

The Rotary Club of Balgowlah: www.rotarynews.info/club4196


Lenity Australia www.lenityaustralia.com


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